Cataclysm: Hope In Breakdown – Art Process Video

March 2016 – Video Art, Film & Narration – 6 minutes 59 seconds

Brave fabric art on Cataclysm – in our Universe, things fall apart.  Includes narrated essay and photos of the process of making the Cataclysm image.  Inspired by Brian Swimme‘s “Powers of the Universe,” as a part of my Resilience Project series.

See the Cataclysm Video

2 Responses to “Cataclysm Art Process – Video”

  1. Marie Cooper


    I met you at SDI in San Diego at your workshop, and only today watched this beautiful, challenging, and inspiring video. Thank you! I will share it with others as we work together for a meaningful future, letting go of all that does not matter in the greater scheme of things. May your spirit continue to be blessed and to bless others.

    • melanie

      Thank you, Marie– it’s good to have company as we reimagine our responses to these times! Blessings to you also.


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