Two Brothers

May 1992 – graphite – 29×17.5″

Drawn from a family photograph of my father, W Sherman Weidner (holding a wood block) and uncle W Edward Weidner (in the hat).

Collection of the artist

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  1. Dot Taffin

    Your Mom and I were talking two weeks ago at bible study . I asked about you an she said she would send me some of your art. Well she did send three emails and I couldn’t open them. This Thusday she gave me your web cite. Well I forgot it bu got it again today. I just watched “the body is amazing”. What a video. It is hard to believe you (little Melanie.) created all that. Now I can tell you some of that art looks weird to a 74 yr old lady but I really see how they expressed the words you were saying. I loved the one of your dad and uncle and liked the rabbit.; (I could really tell what those two pictures were) I did not see one of the cat or dog.. Seriously, I was impressed with your interputation(well can’t spell that word). Yes, your mom has reason to be proud of your work. Well not of your work but of you. You have a Very soothing voice..easy to listen to.. I can see how you would be a help to people. By the way, your smile is just as lovely as when you were a teenager.. Dot

    • melanie

      Thank you, Dot, for your encouragement! I’m honored you spent a little time with my art, and yes, some of them are a little weird… 🙂 I appreciate your care and kindness when I was young and for all these years. Blessings to you and John!


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